Many entrepreneurs I come across have lofty ideas about enhancing their business, meeting various metrics, and thinking about how to be more innovative. However, one thing that rarely is discussed is how a business brand is closely linked to one’s personal brand.

I challenge you to give this some thought.

  • How do you show up in your business?
  • Do your business core values reflect values that you believe in personally?
  • How do you represent your brand “after hours”?
  • Are you really who you say you are?

These are all questions to consider to ensure that your authentic voice shows up in your brand and particularly, your business marketing collateral.

Be clear and understand that YOU are your brand. YOU are your business. What is unique about your product and service is YOU. YOU are the story behind your business. Be sure that your authentic voice is clearly represented in your brand so that you are not a replica of someone else or some other business. On the contrary, aim to be YOU and uniquely YOU in your business–all aspects of your business.

If you have to leave yourself at the door in order to engage with a client or customer, you may want to reconsider if that business deal is worthwhile. Be true to yourself. Stay true to your authentic voice and core values. That way, you will then always win!



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